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Residential Housekeeping Services with Concierge Cleaning: Personalized, discreet, and consistently amazing cleaning services in New York City From First Class Elite Cleaners
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Residential Housekeeping Service

We know that each of our clients is unique and that their home deserves a luxurious and exclusive personalized cleaning service.

That’s why we combine our Residential Housekeeping with a unique Concierge Cleaning Service, where every single task in your home will be tailored as needed – everything from the products used, specialized services provided, and how often specific tasks are performed, to exactly how you would like each task completed.

Specialized Services

Your First Class cleaner can provide Elite Cleaning Services far beyond a typical cleaner, and may bring in our specialists as needed to help with any additional,  more complex tasks that you might request or require.

Expert And Professional Luxury Housekeeping Services in New York City From First Class Cleaning

Expert and Professional

Our cleaners are handpicked, rigorously screened, and extensively trained to always exceed your expectations.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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All Of Our Services

Your First Class housekeeper typically sanitizes your bathrooms on every regular visit as part of your Personal Cleaning Plan, which generally includes toilets, sinks, mirrors, bathtubs, showers, and floors, and a focus on high-touch items, leaving your bathroom spotless, shining bright and smelling amazing after every visit.

Deep bathroom cleaning addresses harder-to-reach areas such as door frames, floorboards, the tops & insides of cabinets as well as any buildup or mold.

First Class Deep Cleaning Service is a periodic intensive cleaning that addresses harder to reach and less visible areas of your home than regular housekeeping services. It is available as an add-on service for our White-Glove Housekeeping customers.

Deep Kitchen Cleaning addresses harder to reach and less visible areas than a regular cleaning, such as the insides of appliances, cupboards and drawers, and is done less frequently.

With our Floor Cleaning Service, Your First Class housekeeping team will keep your floors properly cleaned, typically sweeping up dust and cleaning all visible dirt, and making your floors shine on each visit as part of your Personal Cleaning Plan.

Our High Dusting Service is an addon to the Light Dusting Service (also known as Low Dusting Service) that takes place on every housekeeping visit emoves the build-up of dirt, bacteria, and dust from hard-to-reach spots.

Your First Class housekeeper will sanitize your kitchen on every regular visit as a part of your Personal Cleaning Plan. The cleaning and sanitizing includes appliance exteriors, ranges and ovens, cabinet doors, counters, and floors and will leave your kitchen looking spotless after every visit. 

Choose to have First Class take care of all of your laundry needs. With our laundry service, you can have us wash your clothes, dry them and fold them while we clean your home.

Our expert treatment ensures an eco-friendly process that preserves the quality of your clothes and other fabrics.

Your First Class housekeeper performs a light dusting service (also known as low dusting service) on every visit using microfiber cloths, professional dusters, natural cleaners, and HEPA filter equipped vacuums to eliminate allergens, dust, hair, bacteria, pollen, and other pollutants from easy to reach visible areas.

Always come home to the fresh scents of freshly made beds and clean and organized linens with our Linens and Bedding Service.

Our signature Housekeeping Service, combined with our Concierge Cleaning Service, takes care of any home care need that you can think of.  We work with you to design your Personal Cleaning Plan then assign an experienced cleaner that learns exactly how you would like things done and then regularly exceeds your expectations.

Whether it’s a family heirloom that’s generations-old or something special that’s fresh out of the package, your First Class Cleaning housekeeper will take care of polishing all of your silver for you with our silver polishing service, because there is nothing like the gleaming shine that silver has after being professionally cleaned.

Your First Class housekeeping team will typically perform vacuum service, vacuuming your entire home, on every visit. They use ultra-modern, commercial-grade vacuums that include HEPA filtration to remove the dust, dirt, allergens, and debris that accumulates in your carpets between visits. 

Our specialized Window Care team uses a safe, special-cleaning solution, along with advanced equipment and expert techniques to create and maintain a streak-free shine between visits. Our specialized Window Care team removes any dust, dirt, pollen, and mineral buildup on both the inside and outside of the windows that’s so common in New York. 

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You deserve the first class touch

“You Deserve The First Class Touch” is a Motto that I strongly believe in and have worked to ensure for more than 10 years.

Home is a place where we can know love, share memories with friends and family, create new ones. Don’t you think your home deserves the very best in personalized care?

With First Class Cleaning, your home will be treated with the utmost care and attention. We’re always here to make sure that you get nothing less than a flawless service!

You won’t find a better company to provide you with luxury and professional service. I am so pleased that our business has been able to serve the New York Metro Area for over 10 years, which is why we are confident about giving each of our customers First Class Promise guarantee.

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Our Clients Love Us and You will too

See what some of our past and current customers have to say about our professional service.

Dennis Vargas
Dennis Vargas
Monica and her team have been taking care of my home for the last 8 years. They are like family now they do an amazing job.
Luisana Gomez
Luisana Gomez
This company provides an excellent service. They are very professional and well equipped when they come to your residence. All the cleaners are lovely and treat your home as theirs. If you are looking for a cleaning service in New York City, First Class Cleaning is the BEST cleaning company out there! 100% recommended.
Susan Benedetto
Susan Benedetto
First Class Cleaning is excellent. Everyone on staff is hardworking, trustworthy and friendly. They are a pleasure to have in my home and do a very thorough cleaning job. I highly recommend this company..
Michael Dean
Michael Dean
Monica and Patricia of First Class Cleaning have been cleaning our homes for the past fifteen years. They are professional, reliable, and dedicated to doing their very best in keeping our homes spotless. It is a pleasure working with them and we are looking forward to saying hello each Wednesday morning for the next fifteen years!
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Our Commitment to you

Starting with your initial consultation, we will walk with you through every step of developing your Personal Cleaning Plan, determining the times, days and frequency that you would like, the specific services we will provide and your specific preferences on how you would like them done.

All of our cleaners are experienced, highly vetted, trained and certified. We will select the perfect cleaner from our team to provide you with the exact service you request, at the highest available quality, and that person will return for each visit so that you can build a relationship, and they will always know your preferences.

You deserve the best of everything, and that includes your home cleaning service.

Our trained professionals will deliver exceptional service to every inch of your home each time they visit. From superior quality, plant derived materials to an unmatched attention to detail, you’ll be amazed by how clean we make it look!

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