Frequently Asked Questions

For a consultation with A home care consultant

How much will it cost to clean my house?

Every cleaning is unique. Our prices are determined by your apartment's square footage, the number of bathrooms, and other factors such as cleaning requests or appliance care. The first visit is always more expensive than subsequent visits for a variety of reasons. Generally, it takes additional cleaning tasks to get the house up to standards. This visit is billed on an hourly basis. We will give you an estimate of what we plan to charge before your initial visit and contact you if there are any changes. Ongoing home cleaning is easier after the first visit with our clean-up services. The regular visits are charged at a flat rate, and an estimate will be given upfront. Once the initial house cleaning has been completed, we will confirm your regular price for future cleanings.

Is a long-term contract required for service?

You do not need to sign a long-term contract. No long-term commitments are required because our services operate on an as-needed basis but offer discounts for those customers who commit to a yearly plan. You can discuss our various service plans during your initial consultation or by contacting your relationship manager at any time.

Can I skip or reschedule an appointment?

If you have a last-minute change of plans, we'll need at least 24 hours' notice. We'll transfer your visit to another, more convenient time or cancel it altogether if you would like us to. If your scheduled cleaning falls on a major holiday, we will contact you to reschedule.

Can I get a maid/housekeeper/cleaner immediately?

Typically you can, but not always. We generally offer quick, efficient service. Please contact us at 1-212-231-0215, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How can I get a cleaning quote?

A free telephone estimate is available. Call us at 1-212-231-0215 or by completing the form on our website and we can provide a telephone estimate or arrange for a more detailed consultation.

What is the availability of Service?

We will develop a customized Personal Cleaning Plan just for you. We offer night, weekend and holiday cleanings. First-time clients, we always recommend that you first meet your cleaner so he or she can better understand your needs.

Do I have to do anything before the cleaning?

You don’t have to, but clearing out unnecessary clothes, toys, and other household items before your stay will allow us to come in and focus on getting your home clean. If you don't, it is not a big deal. You hired First Class to clean and we will do an exceptional job regardless of how whether you straighten up first or not.

Can I get a thorough home cleaning?

It is normal that a first cleaning job will take much longer than one can expect because cleaners are becoming acquainted with your home and are eliminating any buildup. Your subsequent appointments will move more quickly. We clean all baseboards, lampshades, doorknobs, window sills, electronics, and furniture and vacuum, mop, dust and shine throughout your home. We sanitize your bathrooms and check tiles for mold and mildew, carefully scrubbing them clean. Kitchens, including appliances, are fully disinfected with all-purpose cleaners. We clean your wooden floors with your choice of Method organic or Murphy Oil Soap. Services such as exterior and usual window cleaning, laundry, wash, dry, fold, and organization of linens or closet organizing are additional costs.

What if something is damaged during the cleaning?

In the event an item in your home becomes damaged or broken, we will make every effort to repair it or replace it. If repairs are not possible. You will be contacted for insurance or replacement options. We clean your home with care so that accidents are less likely.

Are my Valuables Safe?

If you have any valuables such as heirlooms or irreplaceable items, please put these away and let us know. If the door or drawer to an area is closed, it means you would like us to skip that area. We have coverage in the event of damage.

How Do I Know I Can Trust Your Staff?

Combining hourly wages and bonus programs, we offer some of the best pay in the industry – to ensure that those who work for us are well paid. We screen our cleaners carefully, meticulously train them, relentlessly inspect their work and carry more than adequate insurance. Our cleaning staff is fully bonded and insured. We invest in all the latest training and equipment so that you can be confident while we take care of your home. The professionals who clean your home are the only ones given keys to access the house, and when they're done, the residential keys are returned to a locked box at our office. For added security, our keys are coded individually and cross-referenced separately.

Will the same person clean my home on a regular basis?

If you are satisfied with the first cleaner we refer to your home, they become your regular cleaner. If you are not satisfied, we will send a cleaner who better suits your needs for the next service. Occasionally vacations and illness (or other unforeseen events) mean that you need to have your house cleaned by an alternate cleaner, but we won’t worry about that. We'll send another cleaner in their place. All of this company's employees are uniformed, insured, and bonded. Our cleaners will avoid eating, drinking, smoking or utilizing any appliances within your home.

Should I tip the housekeeper?

Tips are not expected, as housekeepers are compensated for their time with a wage and benefits. However, some clients offer gratuities for standard or above-standard services. This is up to you personally.

Am I potentially liable for worker's compensation insurance or taxes?

You should be careful who you hire because some independent maids and housekeepers are not bonded or insured, and many do not file state or federal taxes [or have worker's compensation]. By contrast, we handle all payroll taxes and insurance for all of our employees.

Do I need to provide my cleaning solvents and equipment?

We can provide solvents at an additional cost. The unique aspect of our product is that it is organic, meaning there is no risk of a spread from bacteria, germs, and other sticky situations caused by reused cleaning equipment. If you have any particular allergies, please let us know when you schedule your appointment. We can discuss the products we provide and any ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction so that they are avoided as much as possible. Mops, brooms, toilet brushes, and the other items will be for you to keep as we never reuse any of these. If you have your own cleaning items, we will use them as instructed at no extra cost.

Do I have to be home at the time of my cleaning?

Every situation is different. First-time clients who order cleaning services on a weekly or biweekly basis should meet your cleaner at the first time clean so that you can point out any specifics, but after that, it is really up to you. If we are scheduled to come to your home but find ourselves locked out due to either you or your building management, we will charge you $50.00 as a lockout fee. For our cleaning services, we must be able to access your home. There are three choices available: 1) The easiest and most secure option is to leave a key on file with us. 2) You can leave a key with your doorman. 3) Stay at home to meet the cleaner.

What if I have an alarm system?

To ensure prompt and dependable service, we ask that your alarm remain off during the scheduled cleaning date. If this option is not available, another option is to provide us with a temporary password one day before the scheduled appointment.

Are pets a problem?

Our staff will respect your pets' space while we take care of your home. Smaller animals such as cats are generally oblivious to environmental change but when strangers enter your home, some dogs become protective. If you are concerned about your dog's behavior, it may be best to keep them in a cage, in the basement, garage, spare room, or kennel during our visits. Please let us know whether you have pets before we arrive.

Do you provide Sunday, weekend or holiday cleanings?

We offer flexible scheduling, so if you need an appointment on a particular date or at a certain time of day, make sure to tell us when you book your service. we offer holiday, weekend, and evening cleanings if needed.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my cleaning date or time?

If you are a weekly, biweekly, or monthly client, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance.

How are payments made?

We happily accept cash, personal checks, and business checks from customers. We also take Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and Discover credit cards and are able to save your credit card information on file and charge it once each cleaning is completed. Alternatively, you can pay at the time that you make your appointment or leave a check for us when we arrive. Although payments are due in full before the initial cleaning service, established clients are extended a 7 day courtesy period. All late payments will result in a $15.00 fee, and returned checks are subject to a $50.00 penalty.

Is my personal information kept confidential?

Absolutely! We maintain strict security for customer data, ensuring the utmost in privacy.