Our Residential Housekeeping Service with Concierge Cleaning is far more than just a luxury home cleaning service. It is a comprehensive personalized service that takes care of every home care need that you can think of.

At our initial consultation, we custom design your Personal Cleaning Plan to include your regular cleaning service, daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and then all of the more specialized periodic services that you might want, such as deep cleaning, linens, high dusting, and more.

We then assign a professional cleaner to you and that same cleaner learns your specific tastes, delivers on them, and returns to your home for every visit to provide you with exceptional and consistent service.

All of our cleaners are experienced professionals, carefully selected and screened, trained to be courteous, and discreet, and provide you with exceptional service, and are regularly retrained to maintain our high First Class standards.

Your cleaner will scrub, sweep, mop, shine, dust, and sanitize your entire home, including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. All you have to do is ask at your initial consultation and the specific service that you want will be included in your Personal Cleaning Plan. And if you decide you want additional intensive or specialized services, you can add them to your Personal Cleaning Plan at any time.

Our attention to detail and commitment to exceeding expectations sets us apart from other companies in this industry. Contact us today to arrange for a no-obligation consultation.

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Key Features

Our Residential Housekeeping Service with Concierge Cleaning gives you exactly the service that you are looking for on every visit.

From everyday cleaning to seasonal specialty service, our professional cleaners quickly learn exactly how you want things done and deliver consistently amazing services every time. Contact us today to arrange for your confidential consultation.

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Recommended Frequency

There is no single correct answer for the frequency of your home cleaning service but First Class is available to care for your home daily, a few times a week, weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Depending on the size of your home, the level of activity in your home, if you have children and pets or entertain a lot, you may want more frequent service. We can discuss your specific needs during your initial consultation. Contact us today to get the process started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about our Housekeeping:

What is Residential Housekeeping Service with Concierge Cleaning?

Residential Housekeeping Services with Concierge Cleaning is customized to meet your needs, whether you are looking for an occasional deep-clean or regular weekly cleaning.

The benefits of using a concierge cleaner include: peace of mind knowing you have the best team on the job, the quality assurance of a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and unrivaled, professional customer care from start to finish.

If you have any worries about your service, then you are not getting concierge service because true professionals learn what you like, and how you like it, and deliver every time.

First Class Elite Cleaners is a concierge cleaning service that specializes in luxury residential cleaning in New York City.

We provide localized, personalized services only to high-end clientele. Our team will come to your location for an initial consultation and develop a customized plan tailored specifically for your needs, including your day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month general cleaning as well as specialized seasonal cleaning and services such as deep cleaning, window service, silver polishing, and laundry.

All our staff members have been thoroughly vetted to ensure quality service that exceeds expectations. Your cleaner is trained to respect your privacy and confidentiality while learning exactly how to deliver exactly what you want and how you want it.

Contact us today for your no-obligation consultation.

Is a maid service worth it?

You have a home to clean and you’re looking for the best way to do it. You can either hire someone or do it yourself. Which is better?

When it comes down to it, having someone else clean is worth every penny when you think about how much free time and energy they save you on a monthly basis.

Simply, if you can take the time that you would spend cleaning to make for something else wouldn’t that be better? You can work more if that’s your thing. You can go out and have fun if that’s your thing.

On top of the time benefits, a professional will do a much better job than the average person. They have the right tools, solutions, training, and skills to do the job faster and better than most homeowners. So ultimately, hiring a professional will give you a cleaner home.

A Residential Housekeeping Service with Concierge Cleaning such as the one that we offer at First Class Cleaners offers a range of services that can be tailored to your specific needs, giving you time back for the things in life that matter most. Contact us today to arrange for a no-obligation consultation so that we can discuss your needs and start to develop your Personal Cleaning Plan.

Why not make your life easier, and hire someone to help you clean? You won’t regret it.

What qualities should a great housekeeper have?

Do you want to make your home feel like a luxury hotel?

You can hire a cleaning service that will come in and make your house shine, but the nature of the cleaning industry is that only very few companies have the business model and quality employees with the experience and training to provide the level of service offered in a luxury hotel.

Simply, you need to hire a specialized luxury cleaner or concierge cleaning service in order to get this level of attention and discretion. These companies select only the best employees, generally ones that already have cleaning and customer service experience.

Luxury cleaners rigorously screen new employees for their customers’ safety and then train them to the highest possible standards that go beyond just cleaning skills to include people skills and the importance of discretion and client privacy.

When interviewing potential employees, luxury cleaners look for seven key qualities:

– Reliability,

– Attention to detail,

– Organizational skills,

– Customer service skills,

– Consistency,

– Follow-through,

– The ability to learn.

The ability to learn is key because not only does it mean that the training is absorbed, but it enables these exceptional cleaners to learn and consistently provide services exactly how clients want things done.

Every First Class cleaner is exceptional. We treat them well and that is why most of them have been with us since the start. We would love to show you just what they can do to make your home shine. Contact us today to discuss your personalized cleaning options.

For a consultation with A home care consultant
For a consultation with A home care consultant