Dedicated and Professional Cleaning

Our employees will provide you with dedicated and professional cleaning with exceptional courtesy, discretion and quality of service consistently throughout our relationship with you. That is the First Class Promise.

Our People Are your Team

We assign one of our dedicated and professional cleaners to each new client and that same cleaner generally returns for every visit, is responsible for coordinating and effecting your Personal Housekeeping Plan and is 100% committed to delivering exceptional service.

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Extensive prior experience


Rigorous selection process


Heavy training and retraining

Dedicated and professional housekeeping team - Qualified, exclusive, expertise, driven, specialized and discreet


Always exceeding expectations


Continuously Earning Your Trust


Mastering Every Cleaning Need

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Dedicated professionals

In most cases, our cleaning professionals have been delighting First Class clients for years. Their respect for you and your property, their discretion and respect for your privacy, their skill a performing all of your cleaning needs, and their trustworthiness surpass what is available from other providers making our Elite Cleaning Service the gold standard in home care.

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Committed To You

Your cleaner will direct your Personal Housekeeping Plan, performing all of your regular housekeeping services and bringing in our specialists for seasonal services, special events, and in unfortunate emergencies. Our specialists are among the best in the industry in their areas of expertise and come equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Together with your personal cleaner, our specialists will ensure that your every cleaning need is exceptionally completed at a level that always exceeds your expectations.

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