Window Care Service

Window Care Service


Since windows are one of the first things people see when they come to your house, you want them to look clean and sparkle.

Window care service is important for anyone who wants their home to be a welcoming environment and increases visibility through the window for those sitting in front of it. Our window care service focuses on removing any dust, dirt, pollen, and mineral buildup on your windows.

A window cleaning service can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. Beyond accommodating any specific requests that you might have, our window care service is available in multiple variants that range from simple interior cleaning that is part of a basic cleaning to add-on options that include exterior cleaning and screen cleaning.

We use environmentally safe cleaning solutions, along with advanced equipment and expert techniques to create and maintain a streak-free shine between visits.

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Window Care Service

Key Features

We offer the finest window cleaning available for your home. Our basic service always includes:

A more intensive cleaning includes the same features but may include other aspects such as cleaning the outsides of the windows and screens.

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Window Care Service

Recommended Frequency

Basic window service is performed during every visit to remove any smudges, dirt, and dust from the inside of your windows.

New Your City windows get dirty, so we recommend intensive window service at least twice a year or as often as four times a year (at the start of each season).

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Window Care Service

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about our Window Care Service:

Why get your windows professionally cleaned?

There are several great reasons to hire a professional for window care service.

The most basic reason is that professional window care service is far more effective than doing it yourself. Professionals know the best, safest cleaning products to use on different types of glass and surfaces. They also have a lot more tools that you don’t necessarily own like power-washers and ladders.

The second reason is that window cleaners are experts at their craft. You may not be experienced enough in this area without any training or knowledge.

The third reason is that professional window care service saves you time. It doesn’t take long to clean a single window, but if you have dozens of windows in your home, it can be an exhausting task.

The fourth reason is that window cleaning extends the life of your windows. When you clean regularly, it removes dirt and grime that builds up on a daily basis. This can protect them from scratches and damage which will reduce their lifespan.

And the last reason is that window cleaning enhances your windows’ efficiency. When you clean, it removes dirt and debris that can affect the window’s performance such as UV rays, fading of drapes, or furniture behind the window. This will not only help your home look more pleasing but save you on energy bills.

Professional window care is worth the investment because they make things easier for you to take better care of your home. Contact us today to discuss your window care needs and develop your Personal Cleaning Plan during a no-0bligation consultation with one of our professionals.

What happens if you don't clean your windows?

If you don’t clean your windows regularly, as time goes on, they will become dirtier and dirtier. Not only does this make them look bad but it also makes them more susceptible to damage from the elements such as rain or sunlight.

It is easy to avoid the effects of not properly cleaning your windows. Good appearance and clean windows will keep your home looking fresh while also increasing its value.

If that isn’t enough of a reason to keep your window cleaning up-to-date there are many other benefits:

– If you don’t wash your windows, they will eventually start to look terrible as dirt, debris, and grime build up on the glass and frame.
– If you don’t wash your windows, they may start to discolor
– If you don’t wash your windows they may start to leak
– If you don’t wash your windows they will slowly degrade

Regular window cleaning service helps prevent the buildup that can degrade the quality of your windows and shorten their life. As they degrade they become less energy efficient as the frames or seals crack, leading to draftiness, moisture buildup, higher energy costs, and a reduction in your home’s resale value.

Your First Class cleaner will spot emerging problems such as cracking seals when they first start to appear, when it might still be possible to arrest the degradation, and addressing the problem early will keep your energy costs low and maintain the value of your home.

We will discuss your specific Window Care needs during your no-obligation consultation. Call 212-231-0215 today to arrange for your consultation.

What is the best time of year to wash windows?

Don’t let dirt and grime build up on your windows. You deserve to have clean, clear glass and with professional window care service that’s a breeze.

Some think that the best time for window cleaning in your home is during the winter months when there is little or no daylight.

There are others who think that the best time of year for window cleaning is in the spring when there is plenty of sun and rain.

And then there are window cleaners that will tell you that the best time for window cleaning in your home is during the fall. This is because so much of what is causing those pesky stains on your glass can be attributed to tree sap and other plant-related materials. In addition, it’s easier to see any dirt or dust build-up when there are leaves on the ground.

Do any window cleaners think that summer is a good time for window cleaning? Of course, there are some that do. One of the reasons they give is that the window cleaner can work outside without the weather getting in the way.

The truth is that the best time of year really depends on what you prefer because a professional window cleaner can tell you that there are positives and negatives to doing it in any season.

At First Class Cleaning we lightly clean your windows, focusing on the insides, on every visit and we recommend a more intensive cleaning at least every six months and as often as quarterly; once for each season. And while we make recommendations, your specific Window Care service is entirely up to you and we will include your preferences in your Personal Cleaning Plan that includes regular Concierge Cleaning Service and all of your periodic specialized services throughout the year. Contact us today to discuss your Personal Cleaning Plan.

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