High Dusting Service

High Dusting Service


First Class offers High Dusting Service to all of our housekeeping customers as an additional service that compliments the light dusting (also known as “low dusting”) that your housekeeper does on every visit.

Dust is widely known to be a health hazard, particularly for people with allergies or asthma. Dust contributes to poor air quality in the home and causes sneezing, skin irritation, eye irritation, and throat issues.

In addition to this, dust can contribute to the growth of some household fungi and bacteria that are not only unpleasant but unhealthy. This is why high-dusting makes sense for your home care service.

High dusting (also known as “deep dusting service”) is a process for removing the build-up of dirt, bacteria, and dust from hard-to-reach spots.

The high dusting process requires a variety of tools to reach the top shelves and other difficult-to-reach areas such as ladders, specialized HEPA filter-equipped vacuum attachments (such as a “crevice tool”), and sometimes an electrostatic duster.

Our air filters are designed to remove dust and pollutants from the air, not just redistribute them. All the dust, grime, and pollutants are removed so you can enjoy a dust-free environment for longer.

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High Dusting Service

Key Features

These are the key features of our high dusting service that we offer as a periodic complement to the standard home dusting that your housekeeper does on every visit:

You will be so pleased with how fresh your home feels.

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High Dusting Service

Recommended Frequency

Your First Class housekeeper will do a low dusting on each visit, addressing the most visible and easy to reach areas.

For most people, we recommend a monthly High Dusting Service to prevent any dust buildup, but your specific needs may be different if you leave your windows open regularly or have pets or children. Be sure to discuss the optimal frequency for you during your initial consultation.

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High Dusting Service

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about our High Dusting Service:

When should high dusting be done?

High dusting isn’t just about getting rid of visible dust. The process also gets rid of hair, dead skin, and bacteria. So it’s something you really should take seriously. High dust is less visible and harder to reach, so you can get away with high dusting less frequently.

Dust that keeps on collecting on the ceiling and in other hard to reach areas can pose a significant threat to the wellbeing of your family and friends in the form of flu, infection, respiratory problems, or allergy and if you leave it too dusty for too long, the dust will hamper the functioning of your HVAC system which leads to higher energy costs.

The question of how often you should have high dusting (aka deep dusting) done is one that comes up often with our customers. It’s also one that isn’t too easy to find an answer to online because most resources focus on commercial high dusting services, where high ceilings, quick cleanings at night, and regulations make demand much higher and at a greater frequency.

Keep in mind that your housekeeper will do low dusting on every visit, but the question is how often you should have them do the high dusting.

For a residence, the frequency is going to depend on how often you leave your windows open because in New York City if you leave your windows open a lot, you will absolutely need regular high dusting, perhaps every week or two. If you have a pet, wear your shoes in the home, have a lot of people coming and going, or have high ceilings, you will also want high dusting more frequently.

But if you aren’t home a lot, and there aren’t a lot of people coming and going, and you keep your windows closed all the time, and you have short hair, have a lot of carpets, and you have no pets, you can probably get away with getting a high dusting only once or twice a year. Take the opportunity to discuss the best frequency for you during your initial consultation.

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How do you get high dust?

For the most part, you get dust in high places the same way that you get dust everywhere else.

The dust gets carried around the room by the movement of the air. Low dust also has gravity that makes it fall to the ground and you walk around on the floors and carpets, carrying dirt on your shoes, but there’s plenty floating around to make high dusting as important as the low dusting that your housekeeper does on every visit.

Here are a bunch of ways that you get high dust:

– Breathing, which is when we exhale dust particles in the air and they become airborne.

– The clothes we wear can cause our bedding to get dusty by coming into contact with it.

– Our pets have hair that sheds and that will contribute to dust build-up (having your pet sleep on your bed will create even more)

– Leaving your windows open brings dust in from outside, especially at the times of the year when allergens are floating around in the air

– Wearing your shoes inside the house will bring dirt and dust in from the outside

– And perhaps the most disgusting and unavoidable way that you get dust is the shedding of dead skin.

It’s pretty much unavoidable, but you can minimize the buildup by low dusting regularly, something that your First Class housekeeper does as part of every standard cleaning, and regularly scheduling high cleaning service. Talk to us about the right frequency during your initial consultation.

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Can I do high dusting myself?

Cleaning high up on a shelf can be a challenging task for anyone.

It is not only hard to reach, but most dusting supplies that you have around the house are probably too short and cannot reach the high areas. You also have to use a ladder while using your hands, so it’s a more challenging task than you think.

But if you still want to do it yourself here are a few things to keep in mind:

– Don’t remove dust yourself if your allergies are severe; get help from someone and leave the house while cleaning is taking place.

– Since Covid-19 we’ve all gotten used to wearing a mask so pull out one of your N-95s to wear while you’re dusting. It will really help.

– Invest in the right equipment like a high dusting kit (check Amazon), an extension for your vacuum cleaner, a Swiffer, and some microfiber cloths. (Tip: Swiffers are great for blinds)

– Don’t even think of using one of those feather dusters that are the dusting stereotype. All they do is spread the dust around your house.

– Do not stand on the ladder’s top rung. This will put you in a precarious position and make it difficult to balance, which is dangerous when high up.

– Dust from top to bottom while working your way around the room in one direction; this will help you to make sure that you don’t miss any spots and ensure that any dust you push around will fall to an area you have yet to clean

– Always get down from the ladder before moving it; don’t try to lean too far off of it just to avoid the hassle of moving it

– Before starting any cleaning, check for electrical cords and wires that could be tangled up with the duster’s bristles or vacuum attachments.

– Never do any cleaning up high without a buddy or co-worker so that they can help you down

– Wear clothes that are easy and safe to move around in – loose clothing makes working easier

– Remember when I said not to use a feather duster? The one scenario you should consider using one is on a hard-to-reach and very high item like a chandelier or ceiling fan. Use it to knock all of the dust on, take a 10 or 15-minute break, and then come back and vacuum underneath.

– When you’re done, take off your clothes before walking around your house. You will have dust on you and taking them off will ensure that you don’t drag the dust through the house you just cleaned

Sounds like a real hassle right? Consider leaving it to the pros. If you are in New York City First Class Cleaning does low dusting during every visit and, during the initial consultation, discusses the proper frequency of high dusting that’s best for you.

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