Bathroom Sanitization Service

Bathroom Sanitization Service


A bathroom is one of the most germ-prone areas in your home. That’s why it is so important to keep it clean and sanitary. Professional bathroom sanitization service includes scrubbing and wiping down all surfaces.

Your First Class housekeeper typically sanitizes your bathrooms on every regular visit as part of your Personal Cleaning Plan.

The sanitization typically includes:

  • Sanitizing Counters
  • Sanitizing Sinks
  • Scrubbing Toilets
  • Cleaning Showers & bathtubs
  • Mopping Floors
  • Wiping Down Mirrors


Housekeepers focus on high-touch items in your bathroom and leave it free from dirt, and shining bright after every visit.

We also recommend a periodic deep bathroom cleaning that is much more intensive and can include a more intensive focus on things like tile and grout and ensuring that there is no build-up that can lead to mold.

You can discuss the frequency of housekeeper visits that include bathroom sanitization service as well as your desired frequency of deep bathroom service during your initial consultation with First Class Cleaning.

Your bathroom should be a place of tranquility and cleanliness. Let your First Class housekeeper help you keep it that way with their professional bathroom sanitization service today!

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Bathroom Sanitization Service

Key Features

First Class Bathroom Sanitization Service keeps your bathrooms clean, sparkling, and looking great:

Be sure to discuss your desired frequency for housekeeping services, bathroom sanitization service, and deep bathroom service.

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Bathroom Sanitization Service

Recommended Frequency

Your housekeeper at First Class Cleaning will typically sanitize your bathrooms on every regular visit as part of your Personal Cleaning Plan, which generally includes toilets, sinks, mirrors, bathtubs, showers, and floors. A focus on high-touch items leaves your bathroom spotless and shining bright after every visit.

Deep bathroom cleaning is a more intensive deep clean that can include tile and grout wiping for visible mold, and preventative measures against other contaminants.

We recommend deep cleaning bathrooms a minimum of every three months to keep them looking spotless and sanitary but you can discuss your preferred frequency with us during your initial consultation.

Schedule your risk-free consultation today by calling 212-231-0215 or visiting us on our website.

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Bathroom Sanitization Service

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about our Bathroom Sanitization Service:

How do professionals clean bathrooms?

The bathroom is an important room in the house, and if it’s not cleaned regularly, it can become a breeding ground for germs.

Cleaning deep down into grout lines and around fixtures takes some time, but professional cleaning companies like First Class Cleaning know how to scrub out the dirtiest spots without any fuss.

Here are a few steps that you can follow when cleaning your bathroom like a professional:

  1. Remove any excess dirt, hair, and other debris by sweeping or vacuuming the floor. Do it last so that you pick up everything that fell as you cleaned higher up.
  2. Be sure not to forget corners and nooks that are often missed in everyday cleanup.
  3. Clean all surfaces with a cleaning cloth to remove fingerprints and light dirt
  4. Cleaning chemicals can be hazardous if they are not used properly so wear latex gloves, a mask or respirator, and eye protection to avoid irritation of the skin and eyes.
  5. Always work in well-ventilated areas with good lighting; this will help minimize dizziness and make sure that you catch all the visible dirt
  6. Wood, metal, and tile need to be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  7. Glass and mirrors should be cleaned by wiping with a microfiber cleaning cloth and then wiping again with a dry, lint-free cloth


But the best way to have your bathrooms cleaned like a pro is to actually have a pro like First Class clean your bathrooms for you so give us a call at 212-231-0215 or visit our site and we will set up a no-obligation consultation and price quote for you. If you want it done right, have First Class do your regular bathroom sanitization and less frequent deep bathroom cleaning service.

How long does it take to professionally clean a bathroom?

Bathrooms can be home to many germs and bacteria. This is why deep cleaning is so important. Add to that the fact that bathrooms are one of the most commonly used rooms in any given household and that means that they get dirty quickly. And the dirtier that they are, the longer it takes to clean them.

The average bathroom should be cleaned every week for sanitary reasons, but this may vary depending on how often you use your bathroom. Remember that the longer you wait between cleanings, the dirtier your bathroom becomes, which means that the amount of time goes up.

With all of that, there is no exact amount of time.

A professional cleaner like a First Class housekeeper will do a complete bathroom sanitization for an average-sized bathroom in 20-30 minutes and up to an hour for a large bathroom that is really dirty. Someone trying to Do It Yourself (DIY) their bathroom sanitization could take double the time.

For deep bathroom service, a First Class Housekeeper will take 45 minutes to an hour for professional results in an average bathroom while a DIY could take double that with scrubbing and other intensive tasks and nowhere near a professional’s results.

Cleaners are the experts at how long it takes to clean a bathroom, so if you are genuinely curious, ask us during your no-obligation consultation and we will assess your bathrooms and recommend the best frequency for you. You can schedule your consultation on our website.

When cleaning the house the bathroom should be cleaned first true or false?

When you’re trying to decide what order to clean different rooms, it’s sometimes hard to figure out which room should come first.

There are two schools of thought on this matter: those who believe that cleaning the bathroom should be done before any other room because it can become dirty quickly and spread germs throughout the house; and those who believe that other rooms such as kitchens or bedrooms need more cleaning than bathrooms do and therefore should be completed first.

The third school of thought is that there is no scientific reason or efficiency issue that would point in either direction so it is just a matter of preference and motivation.

Many people don’t like to clean the bathrooms at all, so they clean them first to get “the bad part” out of the way, while others with the same feelings towards bathrooms put them off until last. Either way, they get clean.

Then there are the people that decide they don’t want to clean bathrooms at all so they hire professionals like First Class to clean their bathrooms for them and then they go out for coffee with their friends. You can be one of these people. Call us at 212-231-0215 or visiting our website today to schedule a no-obligation consultation and we can put together a personal cleaning plan that settles the order for you once and for all.

Ultimately there is no right answer when deciding what order to clean your home, but hiring a professional like First Class makes the whole debate unnecessary.

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